In addition to the standard country rents, ‘Extra Car Rental’ offers you the opportunity to travel abroad after a preliminary request and acknowledgement of the conditions for this particular service. By paying an extra administrative fee you could travel freely to the countries from the EU, and by paying the ‘Green card’ fee, you can add Macedonia and Serbia to the list (Turkey is not among the destinations offered by ‘Extra Car Rental’). The administrative fee depends on the number of countries you would like to visit, as well as on the chosen vehicle. When hiring a vehicle for travelling abroad, the deposit is doubled.

For those of you who spend their holidays doing sports, enjoying nature or being involved in exciting water activities, here is a special offer from our team: canoe or kayak rentals along with all necessary transportation and usage equipment. With the assistance of our partners from ‘Water Horizon’, we will offer you a suitable boat along with the necessary clothing and equipment, we will conduct a briefing and recommend some excellent kayaking spots in the vicinity of your holiday location.

We, at ‘Extra Car Rental’ know with certainty that when a vehicle in your fleet is out of order, this can cause chaos and serious expenses for your company. In such cases, we are prepared to offer you a sustainable solution – our Corporate rent service. Depending on your needs and workload, we can provide you with appropriate vehicle for temporary use, ensure your employees’ transfer between the working place and their homes, as well as supply organized transportation for the company-related group activities.

The service implementation contracts will be set up by our team of professionals in accordance with your needs and requirements. If you are prepared for a new partnership which will offload your business and optimize part of your expenses, do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Those of you who are curious and always ready to take on new adventures and who love nature but do not belong to the groups of traditional holiday goers can take advantage of a special offer provided together with a trusted local partner. Come and see Bulgaria from a new perspective, get to know untouched natural spots and plunge into the Bulgarian magic. Our company together with ‘Excedo Travel’ will set up your unique holiday by offering suitable transport and a program full of emotions, sport and breath-taking views.