Fleet Management

At Extra Car Rental, we believe that your time, resources and business focus are extremely important and we have learned to appreciate and preserve them. In order to assist you in the successful development of your business ideas and as a part of our strategy for sustainable partnerships’ creation, we would like to offer you our ‘Fleet Management’ service.

We would be delighted to match your needs to a unique service, which will allow setting up separate projects based on your individual requirements. We can take over the management of your car park and with our professional experience, we will bring to you and your employees the comfort you need to concentrate on your main business activities.

The ‘Fleet Management’ service includes the following options, but not only:

  • Fleet register and administration
  • Organization, control and management of the vehicles’ technical reliability
  • Tracking and management of all needed vehicle inspections, checks, tire and oil replacement
  • Full expense control and administration
  • Storage and ongoing update of necessary documentation
  • Insurance management
  • Report management

We offer a number of advantages:

  • A single contact for everyday needs and urgent cases
  • Prompt reaction and availability
  • Summarized references and up-to-date reports on the fleet’s current state
  • Expense optimization via professional management
  • Zero involvement of local personnel
  • Replacement of every company car which is currently out of service
  • Special discounts for loyal customers

Why to choose us?

  • We value the efforts and time you invest in developing your primary business
  • We are professionals and will offer the best services
  • We use a partnership strategy to achieve your success
  • We can guarantee your comfort